Mykonos boast its many and diverse museums that provide insight into the ancient history and fascinating culture of the island. The Archaeological Museum, located next to the harbor, has an impressive collection of ancient pottery, clay figurines, jewelry, vessels and other items, many of which date back to the 5th century B.C. One of the most notable historical treasures of the museum is the Pithos of Mykonos, a large vessel, discovered in 1961, which is intricately engraved with scenes from the legendary Trojan War.

Another museum you can visit is the Folklore Museum, that contains a fascinating collection of 19th-century items, including photographs, antique furniture, ceramic works, textiles, embroidery, musical instruments and maritime equipment, as well as etchings of traditional shipping vessels and paintings of local scenery. A perfectly preserved 19th-century bedroom and kitchen allow visitors to take a peek of what life was like back then. Combine your visit to the Folklore Museum with a visit to the Maritime Museum that displays numerous models of boats, like steamships, rowing boats, sailing boats and other vessels that transported both cargo and passengers across the Aegean for thousands of years. Engravings, maps and other nautical items are also on display.

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Ano Mera

A few kilometers away from Mykonos town you will find the picturesque village of Ano Mera in a peaceful rural setting. In the heart of this traditional settlement, there is a lively square with shops, cafes and taverns that serve delicious traditional Greek dishes. The village offers several accommodation options and is a great starting point to explore some of the most beautiful beaches of Mykonos, such as Kalo Livadi, Elia, and Kalafatis.                                                                                                                
The 16th-century monastery of Panagia Tourliani, south-east of Ano Mera, is one of the most important attractions of Mykonos which was restored in the 18th century and took its name from an icon of Virgin Mary that was found in the nearby area of Tourlos. The monastery displays an impressively carved marble bell-tower, and the elaborately decorated interior of the monastery features an 18th-century wooden altar. On a hill to the north of the town is the 18th-century Paleokastro monastery, a square white-washed building, typical of the Cycladic style of architecture.  The name of the monastery comes from the remains of a Byzantine castle that can be seen nearby.
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Armenistis Lighthouse


Driving along the scenic north coast of Mykonos, you will get to the Armenistis Lighthouse was built in 1891 at Fanari. The lighthouse is reminiscent of the long nautical tradition of Mykonos and remains in full function until today. The view from the lighthouse is breathtaking, overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean and the neighboring island of Tinos.

The building of the lighthouse was built to prevent marine tragedies, after the unfortunate sinking of the British steamship 'Volta' off this coastline in 1887, costing the lives of eleven people. It took four years to build the nineteen meter tall lighthouse, which was fully functional by 1891. Electrical equipment was installed in 1983 and the original machinery, which had won an award for its innovation at the time, is displayed at the Aegean Maritime Museum in Mykonos Town.

(Ano Mera pictures courtesy of Bernard Gagnon and Bgabel at Wikimedia Commons)
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